what we do

TTPM Influencer Talent Management is the leading management agency of the top performing influencers in the family and entertainment categories, covering all demographics and ages.

We have cultivated a highly curated group of influencers that stand out among the rest.

Authenticity, brand safety, and high conversions are the center of all our partnerships.

our agency expertise


Media Campaigns

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook

Brand Partnerships

Long-term brand partnerships and ambassadors


Apparel, beauty, toys and housewares

Endorsements & Speaking Engagements

Guest speakers, hosts, creator workshops and IG Live Interviews

meet the team

Jim Silver
Kathleen Tomes
Alexa Vogue
Donna Moore
Leah Silver
Anneka Ranpuria
Stori Hull
Bob Glaser
Carly Rabinowitz
Laurie Leahey
Andréa Stackhouse
Adam Losi
Jack Placidi
Jen Street
Jaymie Lavan
Madi Mackey

about TTPM

TTPM is a leader in retail and licensing; experts in digital content creation with unparalleled relationships in entertainment, apparel, health & beauty, home & lifestyle, baby and toys.

Brilliant PR & Marketing is an award-winning Public Relations agency in the family space representing the top brands across maternity, baby, kid, toy, tech and housewares.

Together, TTPM and Brilliant PR & Marketing, formed TTPM Influencer Talent Management after recognizing the need for an agency that understands the complexity and compliance needed when marketing to families.

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