Krystian Mitryk

Krystian Mitryk

🌈(L)GBTQ+ and Motherhood Creator

Kids Ages:
Grey (3) & Hayes (3mo)

Krystian Mitryk is a proud wife to Caitlyn and mother to Grey (3) and Hayes (0). She is also very proud to be a Black woman and a part of the LGBTQ+ community, as those two pillars of her life have shaped every step she has taken toward creating an inclusive and loving environment for her children, centered around respect and love for others.

Krystian and Caitlyn were always destined to find each other - they were never more than a few miles apart throughout their entire lives. They even played for opposing basketball teams throughout high school and college. Once they finally had the opportunity to exchange a few words sparks flew and they knew they’d spend the rest of their life together.

Krystian shares all their candid moments - the highs (getting married to the love of her life and getting pregnant with two perfect, beautiful babies) and the lows (jumping through various hoops to have children as members of the LGBTQ+ community, medically tenuous pregnancies and parenting pressures).

Life is a blessing and Krystian beautifully narrates her story. Her followers know she’s one of the most open, honest, raw and authentic creators. She hopes by sharing her life she can inspire others to find their path and find joy in all of life's ups and downs.

Female 25-44

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